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C.A.C Living Water Daily Devotional Is A Daily Spiritual Devotional Material That Will Enhance The Edification Of The Body Of Christ.

C.A.C Living Water Daily Devotional Is A Series Of Devotional Materials That Helps Believers To Daily Discover God’s Inexhaustible Provisions In Our Lord Jesus Christ And His Word And Grow In Him Regularly. It Is Hoped That The Living Water Would Launched Those Of Our Brethren Who May Have Other Devotional Materials They Use, Deeper Into More In-Depth Encounter With The Power Of God’s Word, As It Affects Every Aspect Of Our Lives.

Everyday, The Reader Is Expected To First Study The Bible Passage Specified For Reading, As Basis For The Dose Of Living Water For The Day. Then The Reader Should Commit The Memory Scripture To Heart, As A Way To Load The Mind With The Truth That Liberates And Promotes. The Comment After The Text And Memory Scripture Is Meant To Help The Reader Get A Deeper Insight Into Text Read, And Whet The Appetite For Further Study To See Deeper Into God’s Mind. This Is Immediately Followed By Relevant And Practical Points Of Prayer To Make The Day More Meaningful, And To Deeply Internalize The Truth Discovered In The Day’s Devotional Dose. At The End, The Reader Is Expected To Find Time To Study And Meditate On The Extra Reading For Today.

Within Thirty (30) Minutes Spent Passionately With Your Creator On A Daily Basis, Unexplainable Treasures For Your Life Can Be Discovered And Rediscovered. This Daily Devotional Guide Is Aimed At Helping You Achieve This In A Significant And Unforgettable Way, On Daily Basis. May These Materials Make All Of Us Better Christians And Disciples Of Christ, Empowered And Enabled Children Of God, Practically Following The Rewarding Life Of Christ In This World, And Doing Our Best For God, Wherever He Has Placed Us.

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