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List Of Uganda’s Christian Martyrs And How Each Was Killed


In his efforts to curb Christian influence and try to regain the traditional, customary powers and authorities over his subjects, the then King of Buganda, Kabaka Mwanga II ordered for the killing of Anglican and Catholic converts to Christianity between 31 January 1885 and 27 January 1887.

Mwanga precipitated a showdown, ordering the converts to choose between their new faith, and complete obedience to his orders. Those unwilling to renounce their new faith would be subject to death.

Rather than deter the growth of Christianity, the martyrdom of these early believers seems to have sparked its growth instead. As has been observed in many other instances, the determination of the martyrs proved to be the seed of faith.

Every year, June 3rd, when most of the martyrs were killed, is marked as a national holiday in Uganda. It is also marked worldwide on the church calender as a day to honor the Martyrs

The complete list of the known martyrs is given below. The list of forty five known Catholic and Protestant martyrs includes only those who could be formally accounted for, many more murders went unreported and without a record.

Uganda’s Christian Martyrs

Martyr’s NameBirthplaceClanReligionM A R T Y R E D
1Kakumba, MakkoBugandaFfumbeAnglicanJan 31, 1885BusegaDismembered and Burned
2Rugarama, YusufAnkoleAnglicanJan 31, 1885BusegaDismembered and Burned
3Sserwanga, NuwaBugandaNgeyeAnglicanJan 31, 1885BusegaDismembered and Burned
4Balikuddembe, Yosefu MukasaBugandaKayoziCatholicNov 15, 1885NakivuboBeheaded and Burned
5Mukasa, MusaBugandaFfumbeAnglicanMay 25, 1886MunyonyoSpeared
6Kaggwa, AndereaBunyoroCatholicMay 26, 1886MunyonyoBeheaded
7Ngondwe, PonsianoBugandaNnyonyi NnyangeCatholicMay 26, 1886TtakajjungeBeheaded and Dismembered
8Ssebuggwawo, DenisBugandaMusuCatholicMay 26, 1886MunyonyoBeheaded
9Bazzekuketta, AntanansioBugandaNkimaCatholicMay 27, 1886NakivuboDismembered
10Gonza, GonzagaBusogaMpologomaCatholicMay 27, 1886LubowaBeheaded
11Mbwa, EriyaBugandaNdigaAnglicanMay 27, 1886MengoCastrated
12Muddu-agumaAnglicanMay 27, 1886MengoCastrated
13Mulumba, MatiyaBusogaLugaveCatholicMay 27, 1886Old KampalaDismembered
14Muwanga, DaudiBugandaNgongeAnglicanNamanveCastrated
15Kayizzi, KibuukaBugandaMmambaAnglicanMay 31, 1886MityanaCastrated
16Mawaggali, NowaBugandaNgabiCatholicMay 31, 1886MityanaSpeared, Ravaged by wild dogs
17Mayanja, KitoogoBugandaFfumbeAnglicanMay 31, 1886MityanaCastrated
18MuwangaBugandaNvumaAnglicanMay 31, 1886MityanaCastrated
19Lwanga, KaroliBugandaNgabiCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
20Baanabakintu, LukkaBugandaMmambaCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
21Buuzabalyawo, YakoboBugandaNgeyeCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
22GyaviiraBugandaMmambaCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
23Kibuuka, AmbrosioBugandaLugaveCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
24Kiriggwajjo, AnatoliBunyoroCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
25Kiriwawanvu, MukasaBugandaNdigaCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
26Kiwanuka, AchileoBugandaLugaveCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
27KizitoBugandaMmambaCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
28Ludigo, Mukasa AdolofuToroCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
29MugaggaBugandaNgoCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
30Sserunkuuma, BrunoBugandaNdigaCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
31Tuzinde, MbagaBugandaMmambaCatholicJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
32Kadoko, AlexandaBugandaNdigaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
33KifamunnyanjaBugandaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
34Kiwanuka, GiyazaBugandaMpeewoAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
35Kizza, FrederickBugandaNgabiAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
36KwabafuBugandaMmambaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
37Lwakisiga, MukasaBugandaNgabiAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
38LwangaBugandaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
39Mubi-azaalwaBugandaMbwaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
40Munyagabyangu, RobertBugandaMmambaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
41Muwanga, NjigijaBugandaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
42Nakabandwa, DanieriBugandaMmambaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
43Walukagga, NuwaBugandaKasimbaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
44WasswaBugandaMmambaAnglicanJune 3, 1886NamugongoBurned
45Muzeeyi, Jean-MarieBugandaMbogoCatholicJan 27, 1887MengoBeheaded

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