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7 Hallelujah - Sir Judah

In the ever-evolving realm of gospel music, Sir Judah, born Oluwafemi Ashaye, is making a significant impact with his latest release, ‘7 Hallelujah.’

Fresh from a successful UK tour and concert in August, Sir Judah is rapidly gaining recognition for his distinctive blend of faith and hip-hop. Collaborating with esteemed Nigerian gospel artists like Laolu Gbenjo, Bukola Bekes, Elijah Daniel, and Dare Justified has shaped his journey.

Sir Judah beautifully expresses, “God speaks, often through rhythms and sounds.” This sentiment encapsulates the heart of ‘7 Hallelujah,’ where divine messages are conveyed through hip-hop beats and spiritually uplifting lyrics. The song’s verses echo Sir Judah’s profound gratitude and reverence for the blessings in his life, inviting listeners to join in celebrating God’s love, goodness, and mercy.

7 Hallelujah‘ inspires gratitude and praise, urging us to lift our voices in thanksgiving. With its unique fusion of hip-hop and spirituality, Sir Judah is emerging as a force in the gospel music community. His music resonates with a new generation, bridging contemporary sounds with timeless faith, and promising a bright future for gospel hip-hop. As Sir Judah’s star continues to ascend, we eagerly anticipate more music that transcends genres and touches our hearts.




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