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Iwo - Abijossyy

Music minister Abijossy, acclaimed for his remarkable contributions to gospel music, is thrilled to announce the release of his fifth studio album, “Iwo.”

With a compelling collection of ten extraordinary tracks, “Iwo” is a testament to Abijossy’s unyielding commitment to delivering songs brimming with profound and meaningful lyrics.

This awe-inspiring album showcases Abijossy’s exceptional artistry and features collaborations with renowned gospel artists, including Tosin Bee, Psalm Ebube, Toluwanisings, and Dre-sticks. The inclusion of these talented musicians adds depth and richness to the musical tapestry of “Iwo,” creating a captivating listening experience.

Having previously captured hearts with hits like “Olowogbogboro”, Ogo, Awamaridi and “Bolorun Ba ngbowo,” Abijossy continues to demonstrate his prowess in crafting soul-stirring gospel music. “Iwo” is an album that springs from a profound understanding of our reliance on God as our sole source of hope and the ultimate choice in life.

Abijossy invites music enthusiasts, believers, and all who appreciate inspirational tunes to download, share, and immerse themselves in the spiritual journey presented in “Iwo.” This album is more than just music; it’s a testament to faith, a reminder of our unwavering hope in God, and a celebration of the main option for life.

“Iwo” is available now, and listeners are encouraged to experience the profound melodies and inspiring lyrics that make this album a true masterpiece.




About Abijossy

Abijossy is a distinguished music minister and singer-songwriter renowned for his soulful and inspirational gospel music. With a discography that resonates deeply with listeners, Abijossy continues to be a beacon of faith and inspiration through his musical journey.


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