[Album] Yoruba Worship Songs – Philip Olaomi

Yoruba Worship Songs - Philip Olaomi

US based Gospel music minister & instrumentalist Philip Olaomi has released a new collection of Traditional Folk Gospel music. He simply titled the body of work “Yoruba Worship Songs.”  

Apparently rendered in the Yoruba language of Western Nigeria, it is a collection rich with native accompaniment. The songs come from a place of yieldedness and use utterances in the glorification of the great God.


It has a deep spiritual connection that is sure to get you dancing and pour out your heart to our God. “Yoruba Worship Songs” was recorded with some low frequency depths, which helps to balance emotions and elevate mood.

The collection which is the first volume is in five episodes. The tracks are between 14 and 22 minutes. Philip Olaomi has hinted about videos for each episode and the release date will be announced soon.

“I will encourage listening to this music with some good low frequency speakers.
This “Yoruba Worship Songs” will envelop you with God’s love that never runs dry.” – Philip Olaomi

Stream “Yoruba Worship Songs.” on Youtube:


About Philip Olaomi 

Philip Olaomi is an Indie Gospel music artist, classically trained singer, songwriter and instrumentalist with a strong passion to usher others into the presence of God, through intense worship and music. He has authored songs such as “By My Side,” “He Has Done It Again,” “You Are Great,” “Nations Give You Praise,” “Mama’s Song,” “Hallowed Be Your Name,” “When I Call,” “Rejoice Rejoice,” “Emmanuel Is Born” and many more. He also has the album “Grateful” to his credit and he is the convener of “Essence Worship.” A worship experience with Philip Olaomi is sure to envelope you with God’s Presence.

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  1. You gave download link & when I clicked it took me to a page where I can only play tracks & not download. This is deception & fraudulent

    • Good Day, Nothing Is Fraudulent Or Deceptive About The Link, It’s A Online Store Download Link Generated By The Artistes For Sales & Streams. We Never Said The Song Was For Free Download!

  2. I know it isn’t your fault if the music owner want it to be sold… But you have to specify that it isn’t for free by so doing, people who visited your site hoping to get what they want, will know that it’s not for free and there wouldn’t be any confusion.


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