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[MP3 + Video] Alex Kwentua – This Miracle

Dynamic music minister, Evangelist Alex Kwentua releases a power packed song titled THIS MIRACLE.

He shares the story behind the song:

“It all started when my wife found out she was pregnant for our first child. We were excited and expectant with that news. Our excitement didn’t last too long as she was told at her first doctor’s appointment that she had fibroids and that the way the fibroids were positioned it was going to disrupt the growth of the child.

“After this we started praying and hoping for a miracle and the Lord gave us a song of Miracle and promised that our joy will be complete. My wife spent the first few months in the hospital because she was bleeding and the doctors were doing everything they could to save her and the baby. After they thought all was well on the day she was being discharged she started bleeding again but refused to tell the doctors and stood on God’s word that she was not moved by what she saw.  For the next six months my wife was in and out of the hospital. With little hope, we kept praying and trusting God.

“During the eighth month of the pregnancy, she joined me in the United States and three weeks later the baby came about five weeks early. The doctors said he was going to have deficits but we stood on God’s word again and prayed and the baby and my wife were discharged after two days. The baby is alive and doing great today and even started playing drums since he was 2 years. All praise and glory to Jesus. “

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