CeCe Winans & Husband Celebratings 33 Years Of Marriage

Pastor Alvin Love and wife CeCe Winans Love are celebrating 33 years of marriage.  The couple who pastor Nashville Life Church were married June 23rd 1984.

The Loves’ shared their “love” story with Todays Christian Woman

One weekend, when CeCe and BeBe were visiting in Detroit, the family went bowling with a few friends, including a new acquaintance named Alvin Love.

Alvin explains: “Ronald, CeCe’s second-oldest brother, had befriended me at church because I was a baby in Christ. When you meet one of the Winanses, eventually you meet the rest. That’s what happened with CeCe.”

“I met Alvin while bowling,” she laughs, “but we didn’t even talk that night. He was cute, but my mind was on singing, not dating.”

Even without talking, CeCe made a big impression on Alvin. “The next morning at church,” he recalls, “CeCe walked toward me with that smile and I thought, ‘She’s really pretty.’ A few months later her brothers coaxed me to go down to Charlotte with them to see ‘PTL’.”

When Alvin traveled to North Carolina, he fell like a ton of bricks.

“That weekend we all did things together,” explains CeCe. “Alvin joked around like he was one of my brothers, not like someone I didn’t know from Adam. For instance, we all split up to get ready for the evening. Then, when we met up, Alvin said, ‘I thought you were going to get dressed up. If I knew you were going to wear that, I wouldn’t have bothered to put this on.’ He cracked me up. He was just himself—and I could be myself.”


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