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Children Don’t Eat Faith, Love Doesn’t Pay Bills – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Nigerian clergyman, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo has advised married couples and those intending to get married, about the importance of money in relationships/marriages.

According to him, children don’t eat faith and love doesn’t pay bills, thus the need for money. This is because money sorts all things.

Kingsley in a tweet on X noted that even though faith is powerful it can’t feed children, while love is beautiful it doesn’t pay bills.

He added that when couples walk in prosperity, it makes it easy to influence their children and the kingdom of God.

Read his tweet below,

“As powerful as faith is, Children don’t eat faith, and as beautiful as love is, it doesn’t pay bills. You still need money because money answers all things”.

“We know that when couples walk in prosperity, it becomes easy to influence our generation and expand God’s kingdom here on earth”, Pastor Kingsley tweeted.

His fans have something to say. They took to his comment section to express their views. Read some of the comments below;

A fan identified as Daniel stated that when money is involved love is sweeter.

“Very Deep… Money plus love makes it sweeter.. ☺. Love is sweet but with money involved it becomes sweeter”, Daniel commented.

Benjamin feels that money has limitations compared to God and that with money some things are impossible.

“Money is important to man, but don’t let it replace God in your life. Money has limitations; God has no limitations. Money can fail; God does not and can never fail. With God all things are possible; with money some things are impossible”, Benjamin wrote.

See the screenshot below,


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