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Don’t Marry A Man That Doesn’t Submit To Any Authority – Bisi Adewale

Marriage counselor, Pastor Bisi Adewale has dished some advice to single ladies over their choice of partner. He advised ladies not to marry a man who doesn’t have a higher authority he submits to.

Taking to his Facebook page, Bisi Adewale stated that any lady who marries a man who doesn’t have a mentor he listens to is digging her own grave.

According to the pastor, a man who doesn’t have someone he submits to is like a car brake without control. This is because a man must have another man he respects and listens to.

If you are planning to marry a man who does not submit to any authority, he has no leader, mentor, father figure, or anyone who can say “Don’t do it and he will obey, you will be digging your own grave because it is like driving a car at full speed knowing that it braking system is faulty”, Pastor Bisi Adewale wrote.

His fans took to his comment section to express their views, read some comments below;

“Any man or woman who does not have anyone he or she listens to or receives corrective counsel from is highly dangerous. Anyone that boldly tells you that, I fear nobody is more dangerous and must be avoided by all means”, Chinwe commented.

“All these Counsellors say when did having all these become a quality of being a good husband? Whatever my partner and I can’t settle, it’s only God who can settle it, not all these emergency mentors and Counsellors”, Bamidele commented.

See the screenshot below,


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