Home Gospel Music God Is On My Matter (El-Roi) – Mr. M & Revelation

God Is On My Matter (El-Roi) – Mr. M & Revelation

God Is On My Matter (El-Roi) - Mr. M & Revelation

Mr. M & Revelation have consistently delivered spiritually uplifting music that greatly enriches the Christian community. Their extensive discography now includes the latest release, “God Is On My Matter (El-Roi).”

This new track invites listeners into a prophetic experience, encouraging deep spiritual reflection and affirmation.

God Is On My Matter (El-Roi)” emphasizes that God is omniscient and omnipresent—He sees our struggles, understands our challenges, and cares deeply about our circumstances. With His infinite wisdom, He already holds the answers to the trials we face.

We worship a deity who vigilantly oversees our lives without rest; His perpetual attention assures us of His unending support.

The song “God is on My Matter” transcends seasonal listening—it aims to transform spoken faith into living testimonies through its powerful lyrics.

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