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Joy And Strength – 2 ~ Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Topic: Joy And Strength – 2 [Tuesday May 30, 2017]

“….The joy of the LORD  is your strength.” (Neh 8:10)

The joy of the LORD is the special and supernatural joy that comes from above. It is not controlled by your circumstances. In fact, this kind of joy controls your circumstances. It is constant and is alive both in good and bad times. Romans 14:17 calls it “Joy in the Holy Ghost.” This is the second type of joy.

Let me reveal a secret to you at this point. The devil does not like this kind of joy. (Remember that he is a thief, a destroyer and a killer.) Do you know why? It is because when you have the joy of the LORD, you have supernatural strength. Strength helps you face the devil squarely and overcome and control circumstances.

The devil knows that if he makes you sorrowful, you will lose your strength and your ability to believe God.  But when you have the joy of the LORD, you pray in faith. Even when everything goes wrong, the supernatural power within you spurs you to rejoice in the Holy Ghost. When people call your attention to your problems, you call their attention to God with the words: “Praise the LORD. Thank God!” Yes, when you have that kind of joy and join it with strength, the devil and all that represent him will bow. Likewise, sickness, demons, evil powers and challenges will bow

Today, control circumstances with your joy.

Word of Wisdom: The joy of the Holy Ghost controls circumstances.

Prayer/Confession: The joy of the LORD is my strength. Today, I log on to the joy of the LORD. No one is stealing my joy. Circumstances, bow to me, in Jesus’ name.

Further Reading: John 10:10


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