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Moses Bliss – Too Faithful


Moses Bliss - Too FaithfulMoses Bliss is One of Nigeria’s exceptional and sensational Gospel Music artist with a unique message, He just released a life changing and faith boosting brand new single titled: “Too Faithful”.

“Too Faithful” Is a deep song that reaffirms the Faithfulness of God, He is too faithful to fail, Too faithful to disappoint, just like the bible says in Psalms 119:90 “His faithfulness is unto all generations…”

“At a time when a lot of people are giving up, feeling discouraged, depressed, tired and facing challenges, God gave me this song to reassure the world that ‘He is too Faithful to Fail’, He is ever loving and forever faithful, I pray this song melts away every doubt, fear and enrich your fellowship with God, I’ve received so many testimonies from this song, looking forward to hearing yours, God bless you”Moses Bliss


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  1. Moses Bliss,I don’t have enough words to appreciate the Almighty God,the sweet Holy ghost that drop this life changing song in your spirit.The song of Hope and appreciation to God.thank you for saying yes to the Lord.It’s not by singing but by grace. Just like one yes from God is enough.I love you so dearly.

    • More anointing sir, very inspiring song. It always assured me that God is whom He said He is——ever faithful…. God blessings on you always

  2. Sir indeed God gave you this song..a song that made me think more of God’s greatness and his faithfulness, some time ago depression tried coming into my heart and all of a surden I heard this song I became relieved I remembered God promises in my life….thank God for putting this song in your heart

  3. This song reminded me of God’s faithfulness in my live.
    God you’re too faithful to fail me.
    I’m the one that always fails.

  4. God bless you sir, your song carries spirit . I only saw the clips on a status and I had to google search for the full lyrics . May God continue to give you more insight in Jesus name! Amen.

  5. Thank you sir. Heard the song from a friend you sent the audio too earlier but I forgot about it until lately a church played it this morning n it blessed me greatly. Great sound.

  6. I’m a leaving testimony of God faithfulness. Thank you so much my highly esteemed Moses Bliss. More grace to keep blessing our soul.

  7. Dis song is deep….
    U ministered to me…I came across dis song 4d very first tym ystday on, my sister’s whatsapp status, I asked her 4 ur name she told me so I said I must dl, I quickly put it up on my status so my eld Bro told me a lil abt U.
    Sir, I just want to thank you again 4dis piece… u are a blessing sir! 💞

  8. This song is too wonderful. I don’t usually make comments like this but I had to make an exception on this
    Even I my dreams, I sing the song
    I bless God who revealed this to you.
    Please stay with the Holy Ghost for more

  9. I’m so blessed by your song Sir and for sure I am reassured that God’s word will be fulfilled in my life. God bless you

  10. There are so many many songs out there today, but when a song is holy spirit driven, it surely make impact.
    The Holy spirit who dropped this song in you will never depart from you.
    Such a strong, powerful and impacting song. Surely God is too faithful!

  11. Just heard this song in a friend’s car after a cross over service and I couldn’t help it but to download it. Just what I needed. God bless you and put more songs in your heary

  12. This song has blessed me so much Sir. God bless you richly Sir, more grace to receive more songs from God that will minister to men.

  13. You are a blessing to mankind. God bless you, and keep on saying yes to the holy Spirit for him alone can bring to your knowledge things an ordinary man
    know nothing of.

  14. Wow! I’m short of words. For the first time, my spirit got moved with your song. I don’t know how to express my joy here….. it’s beyond what words can describe. May the Lord who made the heavens without any pillar uphold you.

  15. Mr Moses, see how your decision to follow Christ has changed thousands of lives. God bless you Sir.

  16. I’m feeling so down n having a lot of challenges but I believe that God is too faithful to fail
    Thanks man of God for this song

  17. Write your comment here…dis song is so inspiring an touching of de heart like seriously speaking it bring back lost hope, may de gud Lord! continued to inspire u with song an strengthen u more an more

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