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Hallelujah - Laughter

The Nigerian Christian music scene is abuzz with excitement as it welcomes a radiant new talent—14-year-old Olubeko Laughter, known professionally as simply “Laughter.

Bringing joy to our ears, Laughter unveils her debut single titled “Hallelujah,” an enchanting worship anthem that celebrates the wondrous works of God and expresses her heartfelt dedication to praising and worshipping Him.

The origins of “Hallelujah” are heartwarming! Written by Laughter when she was just 10 years old for her birthday, she originally sang it to her mom, who lovingly saved it on her phone. Fast forward four delightful years, Laughter serenaded the tune once again for her brother. Embracing the melody’s beauty and family support, they united their talents (with a little piano magic from her brother) and made the joyful decision to record this uplifting song. The masterpiece was thoughtfully arranged by Laughter herself and brought to life under the expert production of Mr. Time.

Currently flying solo in terms of label but managed lovingly by her parents, there’s no doubt that great things await this young star within God’s kingdom. Stay tuned for more inspiring projects from Laughter—it’s just the beginning!

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Lyrics: Hallelujah By Laughter

HALLELUJAH hallelujah
Hellelujah Jesus is my lord 2x
Hallelujah Jesus is my father
Hallelujah Jesus is my lord
Hallelujah eeh

Hallelujah hmn
Halle , Halle halle
Halle halle halle
You worship me clean with your blood lord Jesus
You cleanse me,now im free indeed
Thank you Jesus,ese ooo

[Repeat chorus]
You brought me out of darkness lord
You showed me the way the truth and life
Mosope ese,thank you Jesus
Mosope ese thank you Jesus,ese ooo

You saved me
You loved me
I’m yours I’m yours forever
Hallelujah, Hallelujah wonderful merciful Jesus
Repeat bridge

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