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[Music + Lyrics] Tosin Koyi – Keep My Life

Tosin Koyi - Keep My LifeIn recent times, as the voice of the corona pandemic roars nigh, we are witnessing sanctuaries become increasingly insecure, the moth of inflation greedily eroding necessities and valuables in store houses, the onslaught of the wickedness of fear being perfected on its victims.

Out of the ruins of despair, the voice of Tosin Koyi emerges. It is the call to faith. To us who dwell in the secret place of the Most High, we are assured of safety. Yet again the song of deliverance is heard in Zion. The dance of victory. The pomp of salvation. Our banner reads: Elohim Machase Lanu, Elohei Ma’uzzi.

“Keep My Life” was written with this in mind, that there is no refuge like our God. Amen!


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Lyrics: Keep My Life By Tosin Koyi 

Verse 1:
When the enemy rages, coming to devour me
Your blood is all that I can run to

When the enemy rages, like a storm
Your name is the anchor that I hold on to

Cos’ Your blood is strong enough
To deliver my soul from death
In Your name I put my trust
I know You will calm the raging storm

Keep my life safe
As I keep my mind stayed on You

Verse 2:
Mountains high, valleys low
Days yet numbered as life unfolds

You have promised, You’d be here
So there’s no reason I need to fear

You are God alone and none compares to You
No power on earth is strong enough to take me from Your love

Keep my life safe
As I keep my mind stayed on You

Oh oh oh oh
(Oh oh oh)

You will keep me safe from evil
(Oh oh oh)

Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death
(Oh oh oh)

In the day and the night You will keep me
(Oh oh oh)

Preserve my soul in Your love
(Oh oh oh)

You’re my strong tower in the day of trouble
(Oh oh oh)

I put my trust in You, yes I do
(Oh oh oh)

You will keep me in perfect peace if I keep my mind
(Stayed on You)

In You lies my strength and my security
(Stayed on You)

Whenever, wherever, I know that I’m safe

Cos’ I got your mind stayed on You [Repeat]
(Stayed on You)



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