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[Music + Video] Make A Way – Snatcha Ft. Sokleva & Xblaze

Make A Way - Snatcha Feat. Sokleva & Xblaze

There has been a cry that real hip-hop music is a rarity in these modern times and there’s a thirst for that head-nodding dope track with thought-provoking lyrics.

Gliding from the rooftops, Snatcha teams up with fellow teammate from the legendary rap group, Rooftop MCs to save the day with the new hit single, “Make A Way”.

The song is the first single from Snatcha’s upcoming side project titled, “I Just Got Back From A Lot”, an album that explores various genre of music. On this track, Snatcha explores going through dark days and several battles in his personal life, yet having the confidence to trust in God to make a way where there seemed to be none.

And blazing through with the dope hip-hop track is the ace producer himself, XBlaze who is widely renowned for working with several hiphop artists from around the world and this track re-echoes why he is one of the best in his craft.


The visuals for the video was shot and directed by Nikki Laoye & Snatcha for ShutterSnatcha.

Rooftop MCs fans and newcomers are in for a treat as the rap duo, Snatcha & Sokleva deliver their signature witty rhymes and wordplay, not leaving out the message of hope that no matter what you are going through –  “God will definitely “MAKE A WAY”.

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Lyrics: Make A Way – Snatcha Feat. Sokleva & Xblaze

Have you ever had dark days that you’re glad it’s night
Took many wrong turns you don’t know what’s right
I have
The mistakes came at a high cost
Gat me so confused like the last season of lost
Of cos I kept going, Seeds I kept sowing
In Him I kept believing, My faith I kept renewing
Come what may or what they say
I know for sure that the Lord God will make a way.
Like “wos gba bi” says the voice behind me
Lead me and I’ll follow cos na only you sabi
Even if it’s dark, you illuminate my path
Lord I give you my whole heart cos you love me from the start.
Shebi it was you that said you never will forsake me
Shebi it was you that made the critics start to rate me
Shebi it was you in the darkest night when tempest strikes, you came in with your blinding light like “pow”.

The Lord will make a way
Where there seem to be none, He’s there, son!
The Lord will make a way
Even when I feel lonely, He’ll hold me

Every rhyme I spit, I know they listen
Every line I spit, they know it’s decent
I’ve been doing life, this flow here recent
I don earned stripes, this here’s my precinct
Came to deputise as our number multiplies
Mount up to the skies
Glory risen, no disguise
Ate my humble pie
Pray to God my flesh would die
Let this moment of Refining, Be of your designing
I was desiring
What He is requiring
What He is supplying
Worth, more than diamonds
My mind is His mine
And I mine it
Seek his design for my mind And I found it
Stitching each line in a rhyme
The assignment
Seeking the heights in His mind
Then I climbed it
Seeing that heights Is a very different climate
Seek and you’ll find That it’s all in alignment
And We say

The Lord will make a way
Where there seem to be none, He’s there, son!
The Lord will make a way
Even when I feel lonely, He’ll hold me



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