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‘My Car And My Daughter Was Snatched… Since Then I Have Been Having Testify Concert’

National and International gospel music minister and CEO pleasant Sounds Olaolu Olagbenjo aka Laolu Gbenjo is our guest on Spotlight interview today… Below are excerpts from the interview


Beeswags: Can you introduce yourself to us?

My full name is Olaolu Olagbenjo while my stage name is Laolu Gbenjo am from Oyo State, Ibadan to be precise. I’m married with two lovely kids a girl and a boy. I’m a Gospel artist who is also into sound.


Beeswags: Tell us about your journey into music?

I started singing professionally year 2008 with my first album ‘Take Over ‘. The journey has been challenging and interesting but in all God has been faithful.


Beeswags: What was the inspiration behind your song ‘Testify’?

Hmmm ‘Testify’, my car and my daughter was snatched but God showed up for me and rescued my daughter for me that same day. Since then I have been having Testify concert where people come to share their testimony and praise God.


Beeswags: What were the challenges you faced when you started as a professional musician?

Hmmm challenge, I think I will say money and platforms but I was able to overcome that with consistency and right connections.


Beeswags: Can you tell us about your initiative ‘Laolu Gbenjo and Friends’?

Laolu Gbenjo and friends is a yearly concert where my friends and I, clients, family, comedians come together to have great time in God’s presence. The concert has actually held for two editions now. The first edition was 2014 and we had over 3000 people in attendance, the last edition was in October 2016 and it was awesomely awesome.

Beeswags: Apart from music, what other things/profession do you practice?

I’m also into live sound and events.

Beeswags: Moving to the award scene, can you tell us how it’s been like on nomination and award winning?

It’s been wonderful though I don’t really believe in awards I believe much more in results.

Beeswags: Do you have any upcoming song or video?

Yes I’m working on two new singles, one is high life which will very soon produced by Wole Oni and the other will be produced by Music Magnet.


Beeswags: You have a wonderful voice and mastery of music, what genre of music do you sing and what is the secret behind it?

Laughs do I really have a wonderful voice? Ok o thank you. God is the one behind the wonderful voice. I do contemporary African high life

Beeswags: What word of encouragement do you have for your fans as well as aspiring artists out there?

Don’t give up keep believing in yourself one day God will remember you for good.



Do you feel that it is really fair for gospel ministers to practice and perform/minister in churches without getting monetary remuneration?

Well I don’t think it will be right to be money conscious or that money should be the first priority for ministry, though its important and it goes a long way to sort out logistics, payments and all and makes ministry easy also especially sowing back into the kingdom. It is however expedient for churches to honor ministers for that’s what one’s gift does for one. The bible said your gift will make room for you and bring you before great men! The room here aforementioned comes blessings, connections, monitory gifts, material gifts, platforms etc


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