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[Music + Lyrics] Odighi Onye – Emmy Mich

Odighi Onye - Emmy Mich

Emmy Mich, real name Emmanuel Uchechukwu Michael, is a proud native of Umuchukwu in the Ubichukwu autonomous community of North Okpala L.G.A, Imo state.

He is not only a dedicated family man, happily married and blessed with an adorable daughter, but also an accomplished academic, holding a degree in Office Technology and Management from Port Harcourt Polytechnic.

Emmy Mich’s latest song, “Odighi Onye,” is more than just music; it’s an expression of his deep-seated faith and gratitude. This song is a testament to the fact that there is no one like our God, and there never will be.

The inspiration for “Odighi Onye” was born from a place of profound thanksgiving, making it not just a song, but a tool for worship.Telegram

Odighi Onye” is not only a reflection of Emmy Mich’s unshakeable faith but also a celebration of his journey as a gospel afro artiste. It’s a song that invites listeners to join him in giving thanks and acknowledging the unique nature of God. This song is set to inspire, uplift, and reaffirm faith, serving as a reminder of the power of gratitude and worship.




Lyrics: Odighi Onye By Emmy Mich

You are God over the heavens and the earth
You are God whos glory none contest
Halleluyah Halleluyah
Unto the lamb who reigns in majesty

You are God nma’lite na ogwu ogwu (Begining and the end)
You are God okhe nmiri na egbu ogwe (Mighty waters that carries a trunk)
Halleluyah Halleluyah
Unto the lamb who reigns forever more

Odigi onye odigi onye (There is none like you)
No one like you
No one compares to you
Odigi onye (There is none)
Odigi Onye (There is none)
Eze ndi Eze (King of kings)
I worship you

Odigi onye yiri ya (there’s no one like Him) 2×
Odigi onye yiri Chineke nke eligwe (there’s no one like our God in heaven)
Odigi onye aga eji Maya atu si obu ya yiri ya (there’s no one to be compared to Him)



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