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[Video] Ojo Ibi – Temitope Oyewole

Ojo Ibi - Tèmitọ́pẹ́ Oyèwọlé

Anointed independent Nigerian and international gospel artiste, Tèmitọ́pẹ́ Oyèwọlé issues a brand-new song and video titled “Ojo Ibi.

The Yoruba [a language predominantly spoken in the western region of Nigeria] titled song simply translates to mean “Birthday” in the English verb translation.

In this captivating release, Tèmitọ́pẹ́ showcases her remarkable talents as a worshipper, songwriter, and music minister of the gospel. With her angelic voice filled with grace, she takes us on a soul-stirring journey of gratitude and celebration for the gift of life.

Tèmitọ́pẹ́ Oyèwọlé’s enthusiasm to praise and give glory to God in all situations has been one of the major inspirations in the gospel music industry. She is unequivocally blessed and anointed with a unique and angelic voice filled with grace.

She released her first-ever album in August 2020 to set in motion a new dimension to her gospel music career as she has always wanted it to be. She is an award-winning artiste and leader also in the worship and youth ministry categories. One of the major awards she has received is the GSB Exceptional Service Award.

Tèmitọ́pẹ́’s love for young people fuels her passion for adding value to them. Her kind gesture creates a unique space in the heart of every young person she meets. She is an unwavering believer and a strong woman of faith; an epitome of a glorious, truthful, and consistent woman.

Tèmitọ́pẹ́ Oyèwọlé does virtually different songs because she reaches out to people in their languages and in a way that is acceptable to several tribes. One of her major music goals is to spread God’s love to people and let them know of His sovereignty, being grateful for the gift of life and God’s sustaining power.

Tèmitọ́pẹ́ Oyèwọlé is a worshipper, a wife, a mother, a speaker, a songwriter, an author, and a music minister of the gospel. She also exhibits her person as a unique Christian youth leader.

Join Tèmitọ́pẹ́ as she spreads God’s love and reminds us of His sovereignty, leaving us inspired and grateful for His sustaining power.

The video is shot and directed by Oluyinka Davids for iFocus Pictures.

Watch Video Below; 


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