Home News Prayer Warriors Are The Poorest People – David Ibiyeomie 

Prayer Warriors Are The Poorest People – David Ibiyeomie 

Bishop David Ibiyeomie has admonished Christians about sacrificial giving. He revealed that prayer warriors are the poorest people. This is because they try to bribe God with prayers instead of giving.

Speaking during a mid-week service in his church, the Bishop used himself as an example. He recounted how he gave scholarships to 1000 people on his birthday.

He added that he can’t be poor because he uses his money for charity. This is because givers don’t become poor rather stinginess makes people poor.

“If you noticed, prayer warriors are the poorest people because they think they can use prayer to bribe God. I’m a miracle person but I’m a giver. On my 60th birthday, I gave a scholarship to 1000 people.

“I give personal scholarships of two point something billion (naira). I’m a pastor too! That’s why I can’t be poor. If I use 10 percent of my income that I get, I will be buying houses every month

“My money goes for charity more than anything else but it has not made me poor, so giving does not reduce people. I have never seen a giver who became poor it’s stinginess that kills people. Stinginess! And Africans are very stingy!”, David Ibiyeomie said.


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