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Dear beloved brethren,

All glory and honour and praise be to our Heavenly Father, the King Eternal, the blessed and only potentate, who has brought us together for the 66th Annual Convention of this glorious mission.

The Lord has indeed been gracious to us since we last gathered here, with abundant testimonies of His tender mercies, miracles, deliverance, victories, and provision.

The theme this year is DOMINION, and that was God’s original mandate for mankind: to dominate, to rule, to control, to subdue, to be fruitful and to exercise authority on earth. However, man lost the authority to rule and dominate when Adam and Eve fell; became subject to all manner of failures, sickness and oppressions. But thanks be to God, who made a way for us to regain lost power and authority through Jesus Christ who became for us the Author of salvation – for as many as received Him. (John 1: 12 – 23).