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Take A Listen To Cheryl Fortune’s Debut Single ‘Fighters’

Gospel singer Cheryl Fortune releases debut single, Fighters!

The domestic violence survivor revealed that the last two years have been extremely difficult for herself and her family, after news broke that husband, James Fortune hit her with a wooden stool, and kicked her at their home.  The singer who has been out on the road with Kirk Franklin reveals that she and her family are fighting their way through it. Hence the name of her highly anticipated debut single Fighters.  Check it out:

A portion of the deeply personal lyrics say:

Unbearable/I know how you feel/I traveled this same road and all you want is someone to hear/your bleeding heart overflowing with tears

I hear you say that nobody knows/what you contemplate/suicide was no joke

Worthless inside/left with no fight/but this can’t be all/ ’cause you still have life.

I’m here to/ speak hope to you/ If I made it/ you can make it too

You may feel like/ life is over/I won’t let you go/together we’ll make it through

We’re fighters…



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