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Teddy & Tina Campbell Launches Web Series “Ten Minutes With Teddy And Tina”

Are you ready for 10 Minutes With Teddy and Tina?

Teddy and Tina Campbell are ready to share their perspective on faith, family, love and life with the world on Valentine’s Day. The Christian couple, and star of WE TV’s Mary Mary, shared the good news with their followers, and also asked  if their testimony of reconciliation has had a positive impact on you or your marriage  to share your story with them.

“Hey guys! We’d like to share something with you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and we’re hoping that you will tune in soon to hear from us.
A few years back, we opened up our lives via our reality tv show and showed the many perils of marital infidelity. Through our journey, we also showed that in honoring our vows to each other to love through better and worse, God honored us with stronger marriage, friendship, and family.
We will be sharing our perspective on life, love, family, and faith via a new web series entitled “10 Minutes With Teddy and Tina”, premiering Tues, Feb 14th, Valentines Day.

If our journey, thus far, has encouraged you, inspired you, or had a positive impact on you, your marriage or your family in some way, please share your story with us, briefly, by emailing us at TeddyAndTinaC@gmail.com” the couple wrote.


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