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The Success Of The Experience 2016 + Photos

_mg_3669  To say it was an amazingly electrifying night would not do it adequate justice. It was phenomenal! The awe that captivated the audience from the moment they flocked into TBS ground at 6pm to when Tope Alabi released them at 5am was tangibly felt. It was an evening that was better experienced than talked about. So was the success that was The Experience 2016.

The evening started with a colourful ministration by the House on the Rock choir and progressed into soul stirring performances from Onos, Eno Micheal, Sammie Okposo, Frank Edwards and Segun Obe. The grandfather of worship like he’s most often called, Don Moen, left no stone unturned in the journey to rendering deep heartfelt worship at heavens gate, with the audience. The thunderous ministrations from Midnight crew, Gabriel Ezenachi and Tim Godfrey left the crowd screaming for more! It was indeed intense.

As the evening glided to a climax, Cece Winans, Smorkey Norful, and Donnie McClaukin showed what it meant to praise God in one accord, inspite of cultural differences. Travis Greene who was visiting Nigeria for the first time, felt interestingly at home on the Experience stage. He shared testimonies and lead the worshippers in a bout of pure and undiluted worship.

The Convener, Pastor Paul Adefarasin was unrepentant in his resolve to preach the gospel of Christ, hence the theme ‘Revealing Jesus’. His love for a better Nigeria could be felt from the various sessions of prayers that were raised for the nation through different pastors of different churches. According to him, ‘Every Christian ought to be multidimensional, with political, economic, social and spiritual influence. Christians should get involved in governance! Our nation deserves, not the worst leading the rest, but the best, serving the rest’

While men slept and complained about economic obstacles, the Experience is continually providing a platform for small and medium businesses to thrive. It was obvious the impact it had on the economy of the state, from the activities that went on at different corners of the TBS ground.

As Chioma Jesus and Tope Alabi led the eager audience in a ground shaking rumble of praise, it was obvious the zeal Nigerians and Africans have to worship. No doubt this would last them beautifully well, till the Experience 2017 comes up. We can’t wait.


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