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To Wed Gay In This Church! It Will Never Happen – Pastor David Ibiyeomie

While some modern churches support same sex marriage, the Salvation Ministries is against this. Thus the presiding pastor of the church, David Ibiyeomie has revealed that gay wedding will never happen in the church (Salvation Ministries).

Pastor David Ibiyeomie

Pastor Ibiyeomie stated that if he dies and any pastor under him marry people of same sex, his spirit will kill such a pastor.

“To wed gay here? In this Church? Man and man wed here? It will never happen. Even if I’m gone, you try it, I will… Look! Spirits don’t die, my spirit will get up and say: ‘Die’! And kill you on the altar there. Spirits don’t die. Until Jesus comes, this Church (Salvation Ministries) will never marry man and man, woman and woman. Never!! It’s against the Bible, it’s not in the Bible. I don’t care who approves it, it is not scriptural”, Pastor David said.

Pastor David Ibiyeomie said this during the church sermon on Sunday. While ministering on the topic “Making The Year Count”, he advised his church members not to follow what they see on television.

The pastor noted that most of the American churches where same sex marriage is permitted, don’t have much congregation like Nigerian churches.

“Don’t do all these things they are reading on television. You see those American Churches they’re telling you? The Churches? They are not more than 200 people oo. There’s no, no Church of any big size of Nigerian Churches. Nigeria has the biggest Churches in the World and Nigerian Churches are the ‘Fasting Churches’. You see all these big, big names you see in America, the bigger Church in America is 16,000! There’s no Church of twenty-something thousand in America. I’ve been privileged to travel oo, not one”, Pastor David said.

Fast forward into the service, Pastor Ibiyeomie revealed that Americans are proud of Nigerian churches. This is because during his visit to America in 2023, an American pastor informed him that during the time gay was rampant in the states, it was Nigerian churches that gave them strength.

“Life story! I was very proud to be a Nigerian. When we got to America last year, a man of God said: ‘Sir, we’re proud of Nigerian Churches’. I said: ‘How’? Pure American! He said: ‘Do you know during the gay time? He said: ‘It was the Nigerian Churches in America that gave us strength’. That all the Nigerian Churches said: ‘No! They will never wed any gay’! He said: ‘They were the ones that stood and that we were able to be encouraged”, he said.


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