Monday, June 21, 2021

Tomi Favored – Sign My Life Over [Live Version] | @tomifavored

Week 10 of Tomi Favored‘s continuous single releases: Sign My Life Over [Live Version]

Our lives are like bad mortgages, We can’t pay for our homes and are at the verge of being thrown out. We’re bankrupt in every way possible on our own so we continually exhibit stress, frustrations and inequities.

But Jesus Christ, the savior of the whole world is like a very wealthy benefactor who shows up and out of his pure beneficence says to us, “let me pay your debt.” He comes in, can pay off the debt and own the house, and then lets us live there freely. The only requirement is for us to sign the debt over to Him. He takes the debt, we get the benefits of all he does.

What are you still holding back? The gospel message is so simple: you can’t, Jesus did, He gives it to you freely. Receive it. All done.

In this week 10 release of Tomi Favored’s continuous single releases, this once released song in her “I Am Tomi Favored” album is performed with live musicians as she encourages each and every one of us to give over everything to Jesus.

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