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Naomi B. Makes A Statement With Upbeat New Single “He Lives”


Gospel recording artist and songwriter Naomi B. has released her latest single “He Lives,” a flavorful and contemporary take on the classic Christian hymn “Because He Lives.” The track, produced by Ramon Shelton, is part of the singer’s anticipated forthcoming EP “Break Free.” It is currently available on Amazon and iTunes and will be available at all digital distributors.

Naomi B. has worked diligently the past few years to gain traction on the national stage, having performed at events across the country. While consistently praised for her vocal abilities, she has yet to yield her desired level of exposure. However, that may soon change, as her current effort embodies all the qualities of a mega hit that could make her a household name.

What makes the song special? Allow her to explain it herself.

“I don’t know of anyone who has ever done this type of arrangement for the hymn. I’ve only heard it sung as a ballad,” said the East Baltimore native. “So to take it and put this kind of energy and drive behind it, what you get is an explosive feeling. The hymn alone is powerful, but when you put this Latin/rock/island vibe to it, it just feels so good.”

Speaking to her inspiration for the song, “Naomi B stated: “I love HIM. The message in the song is so powerful, which is important to me in a day where the lyrical content in some Gospel music can leave a lot to be desired,” she said. And the message in “He Lives” is very relevant in today’s society. People need hope, they need to be inspired and reminded.”

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Harkening back to some of her previous work, Naomi B. mentioned that while all of it is faith-based, listeners of all ages and walks of life can relate to the content because it references experiences faced by everyone. “He Lives,” she hopes, will also appeal to a broad audience, but she especially wants it to stand out as a song that churches will adopt into their music departments.

“I want people who hear my music to feel inspired to move forward in their lives,” she said. “Whatever it is that is standing between them and what God put them here to do, I want them to feel encouraged and motivated that they can break free from it – from whatever is hindering them. That is what I hope they’ll get from my music, and I think it will resonate with a lot of people.”

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