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Didris – Awako

Damilola Idris fondly called Didris has released a new single titled Awako. The single is from his recently released album ‘Emerge”.

Didris is a UK based gospel recording artist, sound engineer and music producer. A humble worshipper, vocalist, and core motivator whose desire is to see men, women, boys, girls emerge and take their place as children of God..

Emerge is a 10 track album with songs like ‘Unchangeable’ ‘Awako’ ‘Angels Bow’ and more, these songs will not only facilitate the listeners to worship God, but will also inspire the listener to arise, take action and emerge as the child of God that he/she has been created to be. He said;

“The world is expecting the manifestations of the real sons of God in this world full of confusion so much that souls are sucking into it. Emerge is a wake up call for men to rise and take their place. The bible says we are the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. It also describes us as the salt of this world. We are meant to have dominion and occupy till He comes. Many drifted on the way and some died but I feel it is time for the sons of God to arise; break every chain and shackles to takeover”…
Emerge album focuses on worshipping God, telling the real truth about Jesus and showing men the right way while living in this world. It also sheds light on battles men are facing and the weapon we have to conquer.

All songs on Emerge were given by God’s inspiration and some are like visions written in songs”.

Awako means driver. God is the driver of our lives. Declare these words over your life today;
Just keep driving me on
Let me get to a joyous destination
Let me get to a glorious destination.
I don’t want to be a horse without a rider, I don’t want to be a blind man without a guide.
I’m a passenger on board heading to another land
Please let me get home.
”I realised that so many things happening to me spiritually, I can’t explain. I know there are other people in my shoes experiencing similar things and that was when God gave the song Awako to let me know that I can’t run or hide because HE drives and guides me in this dangerous world. It is a song of total surrender and submission to God to let Him know that I have no power of my own, I am not perfect and I need Him”. – Didris

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