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God’s Love Tabernacle International Church Presents Finest Worship 2016 | 25th Nov; 2016


In 2015, over 6,000 people gathered in one night to worship ‘The Most High’ at the annual worship meeting organized by God’s Love Tabernacle International Church (GLT) With one voice, they sang in such sweet melody that the fragrance of their worship filled the entire worship arena where they gathered, and the Glory of the Lord descended, causing awesome and terrific miracles with instant testimonies all over.

And I have good news for you! The ground is prepared to accommodate over 15,000 people this year at Finest Worship 2016 tagged ‘The Lord of Glory’ holding at GLT Ile-Ife Worship Arena and the date is Friday NOVEMBER 25 by 10pm. (Don’t miss the Red Carpet)  Thousands are coming in from far and near to be a part of this unprecedented historic occasion! It’s the ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter you’ve been longing for! Here’s your passport to access grace that you’ve always desired.

Ministering at Finest Worship 2016 are the Set-Man & Senior Pastors of GLT – Pastor Segun & Funke Obadje alongside other anointed vessels including – P. Pearls (Pastor Pearls); De-U (Deola Udah); Tolu Sax; Nifemi; Rotimi; LudaraDave (Ojagaba) and Funmi Oladumila

At Finest Worship 2016:

*The Lord of Glory Himself will be present in the splendor of His Majesty as men offer their finest and purest worship.

*There will be a mighty outpouring of the Spirit causing Signs, Wonders, Diverse Miracles, Healings, Gifts of the Spirit, instant change in financial status, abundant prosperity and every desire will be met.

*Joy will be let loose! Joy unspeakable… but ‘dance-able’  ‘shout-able’ ‘scream-able’; You’ll enjoy the liberty of the sons of God as we ‘party in the Holy Ghost’.

*You will have a definite encounter with God that you won’t recover from for the rest of your life, traceable to Finest Worship 2016.

For more details, visit www.finestworship.com

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Finest Worship 2016 – Make it a date with the ‘Lord of Glory’…


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