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God Can Bring You Down If You Refuse To Serve Him – Pastor E.A Adeboye

Pastor E.A Adeboye

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye has revealed reasons Christians should serve God with their prosperity.

The RCCG had its thanksgiving service on Sunday 7th January and the General Overseer during his sermon, titled ‘Supernatural Enlargement’ stated that if God fulfills his promise and repositions you as a Christian, if you don’t use your prosperity to serve him, he can bring you down. He thus admonished Christians to engage in praising and serving God by winning souls for Christ.

“So praise Him mightily, continuously; serve Him, win souls, follow them up, bring them to the Church let them be established, bring them to the Holy Ghost Service let the power of God come and land on them, do everything you can to serve God.

“You see because if he fulfills his promise and he prospers you, repositions you and you will not use it to serve him… He can raise up and he can bring down. That’s my Daddy so I know him and I can tell you the truth”, he said.

The General Overseer told his congregation the story of a man who he prayed for. God answered his prayers through another man who asked him to help him sell his 13 blocks of flats at a smaller amount.

According to Daddy G.O the man he prayed for refused to give his tithe back to the church as a result of which he went back to his poor state and he is still poor.

“I’ve never forgotten the story of one young man who said, “Daddy pray for me, tell God to prosper me.” So I prayed and one day he came running and said, hey Daddy God has answered your prayers. I said, is that so? He said, yes. What happened? He said one big man in Lagos called him and said, I have a 13 flat building. I want you to sell it at any price you want. I don’t want to know how much you sell it, just pay me so much. He told me that, I said, congratulations! 13 flats? He said yes. He said that building is worth at least 3 times what the man is asking for. I said that’s good news. 13 flats – I am sure you will give one of the flats to the Church. He said why? I said, I thought tithe na.” Ah! He said that’s the problem with you pastors – you’re so greedy. God has just given me a breakthrough; the first thing you want to do… I said I’m sorry Sir. He was angry. I mean, he stormed out of my office. Then he found a buyer for the building and went to the Landlord, “Sir, I’ve sold the building o.

The amount you said I should bring, where do I deposit it? ” The man said, you did what? You sold my building? At how much? He said, the amount you said I should bring. The man said, “whoever made the charm for you, the charm has failed. If I see you near my building…” He came running to me, “Daddy please.” “Ah ah, leave me out of it, go and settle with God. I have not seen him for a long time but the last time I saw him he was still living in one room and a parlour in Mushin. God can raise up and he can bring down. The blessing that God will give you this year will be permanent!”, Pastor Adeboye said.

Pastor Adeboye emphasized the need for christians to stay connected to God after he repositions them. This is because God is their source and they should not detach from him.

“You must stay connected to the one who has repositioned you. Stay connected to God because every river that detaches itself from the source will run dry. Every branch that is torn from the tree is going to dry up. It is the tree that supports the branch not the branch supporting the tree – stay connected”, Pastor Adeboye said.


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