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Household of David Gets Massive Donations From Ministers

It’s no longer news that the ‘Household of David’, a church founded by Pastor Sola Osunmakinde, was gutted by fire a few days ago. Following this, ministers have been donating to the church.

Ministers like Reverend Sam Olu Alo, Pastor Bolaji, Pastor Andy Osakwe, and Bishop Wale Oke have been donating to the church.

Reacting to this, Pastor Sola Osunmakinde while ministering noted that there is indeed love in the body of Christ. This is because he is surprised at the show of love from his colleagues in the ministry.

“Sincerely the only time I wanted to cry was when I saw it – Display of love from brethren I said it yesterday and I’m saying it again. Correct that narrative out there that there is no love in the Body of Christ, it’s not true. It is not true! 

 People I have never met. Reverend Sam Olu Alo is a CAC Prophet, I’ve never met him, but I got a message and a huge amount from him. And then, God bless Pastor Jerry Eze, he sent something unusual this afternoon. Pastor Bolaji, Pastor Andy Osakwe. Now, Daddy Wale Oke called me today, Bishop Taiwo Adelakun in Ibadan. Different people, fathers I can’t mention.

I woke up this morning with a call from Pastor Tunde Bakare, different people! People I’m not very close to, people that I haven’t seen in four, or five years, getting a call. I just saw online a Church raising prayer for the Household of David, not a familiar Church.

When Pastor Nath called, when Minister Dunsin called, when Pastor Victoria called, I almost started crying. They just laughed and said some things Scripturally and I just paused. Then, I saw your message and I was just like: ‘Wow’! This is love!, Pastor Sola Osunmakinde said.


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