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Joy In The Holy Ghost 2 ~ Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Topic: Joy In The Holy Ghost 2 [Thursday 30, March 2017]

“The blessing of him that was ready to perish came upon me: and I caused the widow’s heart to sing for joy.” (Job 29:13)

The above scripture is strange. But God does strange things. Naturally, when a woman loses her husband, it is very trying. But when you see a widow singing for joy, when you see those that are ready to perish still pick up cymbals and play unto the LORD, you can’t help but wonder at the paradox and strangeness. Only the Holy Ghost can make such things happen.

We are not talking about some manipulative display or pretence. This is not something that one feigns, because no matter how one tries he or she cannot do it. If you have ever lost something valuable, you will agree that it is not easy to laugh at such a time. It is something organic, spontaneous, and spiritual in the life of a Christian. This is what we enjoy. The world as we know it does not enjoy such a glorious incentive. That is why their yoke is heavy. It is from Satan the devil. Those that dwell in the Holy Spirit don’t accept Satan’s yoke of sorrow. When Satan tries to impose his yoke upon us that we might begin to sorrow, the Holy Spirit forbids him and raises a standard against him.

This is how we overcome: Joy in the Holy Ghost. Satan is confused and an army that is confused retreats. This is how we secure our victory and nullify Satan’s advances: Joy in the Holy Ghost. We seize victory from the jaws of defeat and ensure that affliction does not occur a second time. Our weapon is joy and it is in the Holy Ghost.

Word of Wisdom: This is how we overcome: Joy in the Holy Ghost.

Prayer/Confession: In the name of Jesus, by joy in the Holy Ghost, I seize my victory from the jaws of defeat. I walk in a dimension of joy that my adversaries cannot understand.

Further Reading: Isaiah. 59:19

Eagles Devotional is a daily revelatory and inspirational Publication by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the founder and presiding Pastor of Word of Life Bible Church, Warri, Nigeria.


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