[Lyrics Video] Kayode Olusoji – You Deserve My Praise [@Kayode_Olusoji]

Kayode Olusoji has come up with a great worship song titled’ You Deserve My Praise.

Read what he is got to say about the song: “The most important thing that God craves for after we have given our lives to Him is our praise. When praise goes up, God comes down to visit us with great blessings.

Don’t joke with the true worshipers, they could be more dangerous than the most sophisticated army. Three nations were destroyed when the city of Judah praised God. Also, the walls of Jericho crumbled as the children of Israel shouted for joy.

When Paul and Silas offered praises unto God, He visited them, opened the doors of the prison, broke all their chains and saved the jailer and his entire household. Our God is also fearful in praises. When you praise Him, He does fearful things. God craves for praises so much to the extent that He could raise stones to praise Him if men refuse to praise Him.”

The song was first performed live during “Open Heaven Calgary”.. Worship God with this great song and let Him know that He deserves all our praises.

The song is produced by Olusoji Obatunsin.

Watch Lyric Video Below: 


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