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Make Your Dream A Reality ~ Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor


Topic: Make Your Dream A Reality [December 20, 2016]

“And behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of His garment.” (Matthew 9:20)

The above text tells us a pathetic story about the woman with the issue of blood for twelve years. Good enough, she had a mental picture or a dream of what her life was supposed to be. Within herself, she was no longer seeing the woman with the issue of blood. It was the picture she had in her mind that made her to say “… if I may but touch His garment, I shall be made whole.” (Matthew 9:21)

St. Mark’s record of the same story highlights that it was not a walk over victory. When she heard of Jesus, she came in despite the press behind and touched His garment. What is the press? In some translations, the press means the crowd. This indicates that she was seeing the picture of her dreams but there was an obstacle-the crowd.

The press is the obstacle between you and your dreams. If you can see the picture, you must fight for your dreams. Let me share with you the story of a certain man in a city who had just ten thousand dollars ($10,000). He had a dream to start a bank and he knew within himself that he would start one. People doubted the possibility of this coming to reality because the banking business is a capital intensive one. He began to pray and to believe God for it. Then one day, he attended a service and the pastor was raising funds for the church building.

The Pastor said: “I want people to give ten thousand dollars.” The Holy Spirit ministered to the man: “Give your ten thousand dollars.” And he obeyed. He was left with nothing but he was still seeing himself owning a bank. When he got home, his wife could not understand how a person could give away all he had as a capital for a business that was not even ready to take off. She concluded that her husband was stupid. The day the church building was was formally opened; the Pastor narrated the story of this man to the congregation, unknown to the Pastor and the man concerned, there were present in the service that day some whose business was to invest in banks.

At the end of the service, they contacted the man and asked him if he had the required capital. He said: “well, I know that I will open a bank.” To cut the long story short, the men said: “We like your spirit, we will help you.” At the end of it all, they helped him start a bank without a dollar contribution from him. Today, he owns the largest bank in the city. This story should be an encouragement to you. Men’s option do not count when it comes to realizing your dream.


FURTHER READING: Matthew 9:20-21
WORDS OF WISDOM: Men’s opinion do not count when it comes to realizing your dream.
PRAYER/CONFESSION: I press forward for my dream. I do not care what the obstacles are or where they are coming from. They must fall in the name of Jesus.

Eagles Devotional is a daily revelatory and inspirational Publication by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the founder and presiding Pastor of Word of Life Bible Church, Warri, Nigeria.



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