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[Music + Video] Niwaju Oluwa – Bidemi Olaoba

Niwaju Oluwa - Bidemi Olaoba

With the release of his latest musical masterpiece, “Niwaju Oluwa,” Bidemi Olaoba once again demonstrates his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to his craft. This song is a powerful testament to Olaoba’s faith and his reliance on God’s guidance.

“Niwaju Oluwa,” meaning “Before The Lord”, encapsulates the essence of unwavering faith and divine anticipation.

This powerful song by Bidemi Olaoba evokes a journey of spiritual resilience, and determination in facing life’s challenges with the profound belief that, ultimately, one’s path is guided and guarded by the Almighty.

Niwaju Oluwa” is not just a song; it is an anthem of courage, faith, and the triumph of the human spirit under the divine gaze.

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About Bidemi Olaoba

Abidemi Ayodeji Ogunmolu is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter, and music composer, who has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the Nigerian gospel music industry. With his exceptional talent, captivating vocals, and powerful lyrics, Olaoba has become a prominent figure in the genre, touching the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Bidemi Olaoba discovered his passion for music at a young age. Growing up in a Christian household, he was exposed to gospel music and its uplifting message of faith, hope, and love. Inspired by the likes of Tope Alabi and Nathaniel Bassey, Olaoba embarked on his musical journey, determined to spread the gospel through his music.

Olaoba’s rise to fame in the Nigerian gospel music scene has been nothing short of extraordinary. His unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, coupled with his powerful stage presence, has earned him a loyal fan base. Olaoba’s ability to connect with his audience on a deep, emotional level sets him apart from his peers.

From performing at local churches and events to headlining major concerts, Olaoba’s musical journey has been a remarkable one. His soul-stirring performances and uplifting message have touched the hearts of many, inspiring them to draw closer to God. With each song he releases, Olaoba continues to make a lasting impact in the lives of his listeners.


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