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[Music + Video] Oba Atayero – Labisi

Introducing LABISI's New Melody "Oba Atayero" from the Album "Joy Has Come"

LABISI, the talented and soulful artist, has recently graced us with a new release from her debut EP/Album “Joy Has Come.”

The brand new melody, “Oba Atayero,” is a captivating and uplifting tune that showcases LABISI’s unique musical style and heartfelt lyrics.

With “Oba Atayero,” LABISI continues to enchant her audience with her soul-stirring vocals and meaningful storytelling. The song is a beautiful blend of soul, gospel, and contemporary sounds, creating a mesmerizing musical experience for listeners.

Oba Atayero” encapsulates the essence of LABISI’s musical journey, drawing inspiration from her faith, personal experiences, and the joy of spreading positivity through her music. The track is a testament to LABISI’s artistry and her commitment to creating music that resonates with the soul.

As part of her debut EP/Album “Joy Has Come,” “Oba Atayero” serves as a powerful introduction to LABISI’s musical prowess and sets the stage for an immersive and soulful listening experience. The album as a whole is a testament to LABISI’s dedication to her craft and her desire to share her message of hope, love, and joy with the world.

LABISI’s “Oba Atayero” is more than just a melody; it’s a testament to the power of God in uplift, inspire, and connect us on a deeper level. As listeners immerse themselves in the enchanting sounds of “Oba Atayero,” they are invited to embark on a spiritual journey that transcends boundaries and speaks to the mind of God.

Stay tuned for more updates and let the melodious journey begin!

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