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RCCG 2016 Annual Holy Ghost Congress Programme



  1. Talk One – Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving
  2. Talk Two – In The Beginning


  1. Talk & Prayers – Restoration Of Peace

Talks & Discussions
a) Sustaining The Personal Hygiene Culture For Healthy Living
b) Affordable Diet for Good Health
c) Identifying and Utilizing Business Opportunities in the Prevailing Economy
d) Making the Right Investment Choices
e) Special Talk: (Ministers Only)

Evening Session
1. Special Talk and Prayers One – “Family”
2. Special Talk and Prayers Two – “The Church”
3. Special Talk and Prayers Three – “The Youth”
4. Talk One – A New Song
5. Talk Two – Before They Call


Talks & Discussions
a. Sustaining Profitability in an Unstable Economy
b. SMEs: Exploring Potentials for the Export Market
c. Cassava Farming for Industrial Use & Export
d. Preventing Sexual Abuse 1 (Age 0-12 Years).

Evening Session
1.Talk One – Fullness Of Joy
2.Special Prayers 1 – The Unchangeable Lord
3.Talk Two – Healing Virtues


  1. Talk & Prayers – Signs And Wonders

Evening Session
1. Talk One & Prayers – The All-Sufficient God
2. Special Prayers Two – “The Nation”
3. Talk Two & Prayers – Complete Restoration
4. Testimonies and Thankgiving


Talk & Prayers – Faith To Recover All

Talks & Discussions
a) Managing Family Finances in a Depressed Economy
b) Wise Choices for Business Sustenance
c) Preventing Sexual Abuse II (The Teenage Years)
d) Special Talk: (Ministers Only)

Evening Sessions

  1. Special Prayers One – Prayers for the Education Sector
    2. Talk One – Destiny Changer
    3. Special Prayers Two – The Singles, the Widows & the Apparent Barren
    4.Talk Two – Resist The Devil


  1. Talk & Prayers –Bless The Lord At All Times

Talks & Discussions
a) Blessings Shall Overtake You
b) Ask Till Your Joy Be Full
c) God Will Make A Way
d) The Righteous Shall Flourish
e) Permanent Victory



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