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The Love Of Jesus – Mack Brock

The Love Of Jesus - Mack Brock

Worship leader, songwriter and artist Mack Brock hopes his new single “The Love of Jesus” will remind us that we are loved.

A gorgeous worship tune, Brock reminds that “Oh, the love of Jesus, boundless and free/Oh, the love of Jesus, poured over me/How it’s captured my soul, how sweet just to know/Oh, the love of Jesus, is all I’ll ever need.” 

“My hope for this song is that when you listen to it you would feel completely and abundantly loved by Jesus. Since the beginning of time, when God was creating the heavens and the earth, the stars in the sky, he was thinking of you and he loved you. His love has always been there and always will be there – readily available… you just have to say “yes” and receive it. You are loved today. “

Brock has been a worship leader for over 15 years. His greatest passion is to lead people into a heightened awareness of the presence of God and to see individuals experience the breakthrough God has for them through worship. He co-wrote “O Come To The Altar,” “Resurrecting,” “Here As In Heaven,” and “Do It Again” – each have had a significant impact on the church worldwide. Three of Mack’s songs have landed in the Top 50 on CCLI, and four in the Top 100 CCLI songs.

Mack served as the music producer and a key worship leader with Elevation Worship for a decade and has led thousands in worship in arenas and auditoriums all across the United States. Mack is married with 2 children and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Watch Lyrics Video & Download Audio Below;  


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