Donnie McClurkin “Christian Bodies Who Are Protesting Need To Stand Down”

Gospel recording artist, and Pastor Donnie McClurkin said that he is torn by the election of Donald Trump, and even though he did not vote for him, being Christian allowed him to leave his politics in a certain compartment and it didn’t consume him.  The Pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, NY went on to say that Christian bodies who are protesting need to stand down. 

In a recent interview with Studio 5, the gospel recording artist admitted he was not a Trump supporter, but he is still in prayer for the president-elect to do well in office.

McClurkin noted, “This is our President and the Christian bodies who are protesting need to stand down now and we need to follow the law of the scriptures and pray that he succeeds.”

“There should be no one hoping for his fall or demise,” McClurkin added.

Check out the video:

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