When Girls Worship » Theme: Sweet Scents | 28th May, 2017

It’s a time when women gather to worship. It’s a refreshing moment in the presence of the Father. It’s a time of fellowship and communion. It’s WHEN GIRLS WORSHIP with SWEET SCENTS rising to the Father of Glory .

Sweet Scents is not just for young girls as every woman remains a girl (daughter) to Jehovah for life! This gathering is also interdenominational. For every babe, lady, woman/mother who has a heart for worship.

Let’s come together to give God that which he deserves! Let’s raise our worship as Sweet Scents unto our King.

Date: Sunday, 28th May, 2017.

Venue: Eminence Centre, beside Sango cemetery

Time: 4-6pm

Ministering: Adetoun, Babatunmise, Myrrha, Femi Adeyemo, Darmy Adeleke & many more.

Each one tell one. Sound the alarm, ring the bell of testimonies to abound that day.

It’s an experience you will never recover from.

Come Expectant!!!

For Enquiries and Partnership:

Adeola – 08115612264
Bolu – 081074293333
Motunde – 08135773888
Lolade – 08180302667

Convener: Folakemi Mighty @folakemimighty


Twitter & IG: @officialgeaf

Email: [email protected]

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